What’s kombucha?

It’s a sour drink of Mongol origins made with fermented tea and obtained through a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast in a sweet environment.

And sea buckthorn? What is it exactly?

The sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides L.) is a rustic shrub that belongs to the Eleagnacee family. Its fruits are orange berries that settle in compact masses on the branches, and are among the most nutritious and vitaminized fruits on earth. They have been consumed for centuries in Europe and Asia.

Why does kombucha need to be refrigerated?

It’s a living and fermented product. Refrigeration helps keep the good taste.

Is it bad if I forget my kombucha on the table over night?

Really not a big deal; it’s not milk. But don’t forget that one night on the countertop is like one month in the fridge. More time at room temperature means that the kombucha has more fizz and its flavours evolve faster. We recommend that you always keep it in the fridge.

How long is your kombucha good for?

From six to eight months from brewing day depending on the flavor. Check out our bottles to know more!

There are sediments in my kombucha. Is that normal?

Completely normal. Those are small sediments from fruits, sea buckthorn leaves and kombucha culture.

Should I shake my bottle before I open it?

Noooooooooooo! Kombucha is fizzy. It would be like shaking a beer or champagne bottle, with the same mess! However, we recommend turning the bottle upside once before opening it slowly.

Where do you get the fruits to make your kombucha?

Exclusively from producers located within a 150-kilometer radius from Mont-Ferréol. Being 100% local has always been our main objective.

Are you certified Aliments du Québec?

YES! All our flavours are certified “Aliments du Québec”! This icon, quite different from the “Aliments préparés au Québec”, is only given to products containing over 85% of Québec sourced ingredients and, of course, made in Québec. We are more than proud to be THE only kombucha with the complete “Aliments du Québec” certification.

Where does the spring water you use come from?

Directly from the water table! Our plantation is positioned in altitude so we are lucky to have pure spring water thanks to an artesian well which crosses a sedimentation of granite.

Is your kombucha gluten free?

Absolutely. Our installations are only used to brew kombucha. No barley or wheat around here.

Is your kombucha organic?

No, simply because we don’t want to be prevented from working with small local producers because they aren’t certified “Organic”. What matters to us is that producers grow their fruits respecting their land, and we want to help them by buying local.

Why is your nutrition facts label different from others?

We’re one of the first companies in Canada to use the new labelling rules from Health Canada to become mandatory as of 2021. We hate misleading labels saying things like “10 grams of sugar per 200 millimeters” while the bottle is 355 millimeters. We love you enough to tell you clearly what’s in the entire bottle, without you having to use your calculator.

Do you add sugar to your kombucha?

There must be sugar for the fermentation. We use organic sugar. Even with a bit of added sugar our kombucha is about 65% less sweet than soft drinks.

Is there caffeine in your kombucha?

Very very little. There are tea traces from our kombucha culture, but contrary to other kombucha, our products aren’t made with tea but with sea buckthorn leaves. So drinking our kombucha is a bit like drinking herbal tea.

Is there alcohol in your kombucha?

It’s a fermented product so there are always some traces of alcohol, like a few points of percentage. But the alcohol level will not go over 0,5 % as long it’s kept in the fridge. Note that Canadian regulation stipulates that a product with less than 1,1% of alcohol is considered alcohol free.

Can my children drink kombucha?

It’s really up to you. Some parents prefer not to because of the few traces of tea and alcohol. It’s probably a good decision for very young children. Otherwise our own kids drink kombucha every day.

Can I make cocktails with your kombucha?

Most certainly! One condition though: you have to share your recipes with us on social media!

Why are your bottles refundable?

In Québec, provincial laws require that all soft drinks, kombucha included, be sold in refundable containers with the “Quebec Consigné 5 ¢ Refund” mention. Since its very beginning, KMF has been always respected all laws and regulations regarding the deposit.

What do I do with my bottle after enjoying it?

The bottle is refundable so you can bring it back to the store. If the retailer sells “Quebec Consigné 5 ¢ Refund” products, he must refund you 5 cents, even if he doesn’t sell our products.

You don’t want to go to the store? Our bottles also love the recycling bin!